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If I ever ask you that question face to face . I hope you answer me honestly.

You do know I still like you. Not as a friend. But someone who I picture my future with together. I need you beside me . Even if it’s just texting . I need you in my life. But how can I speak my mind. And tell you. I’m afraid of losing you. For so many years i have been questioning myself what are you to me and what am I to you. To me you are someone who I can’t lose in life. Not a want but a need. I need you. Countless of times I tell myself to see/treat you as a friend/close friend.i
should give up and find someone of my liking .go for dates and get to know new girls. But so many girls out there i met and non holds a candle to you. And what am I to you Just a friend? A brother? Close friends? Do i ever stand a chance? If I’m a friend and I won’t even stand a chance tell me. But i think if you do that. I don’t think I’d give up. So If I don’t stand a chance now or 1 year time. 2years. 5years or even 10 years down the road. . Please please please . I beg you. Literally Tell me straight up in my fucking face. Hurt me one last time and just that one last time. Not sure if its something to be
happy about. But I do know in the long run. I won’t stay by your side with a heart hoping that I can be with you. But at least i treat you and care for you. Just like normal friends would.
How I wish I could tell you this straight up. I don’t know how. But if you somehow manage to read this. I hope to know.
Really deep down What am I to you.

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